She used a line to make the flower into a waterfall.

Plant wall pulled out of the cotton line

In the picture above, the owner of the house cleverly used the hanging hanger. Pull up the lines at the top and bottom of the hanging hangers, and then put the potted plants underneath to let the branches and leaves slowly climb up along the line. Soon, you can also have your own plant wall ~

And it can be moved ~

Wherever you want to move, where to move! Secondly, if you want to do a partition for your home or the office, you can also choose to use this method ~ not only the high value, but also to purify some air ~ but also get close to nature. The fixed version of the picture above,

It depends on your choice ~

If you have a balcony or a yard, it would be better! Look at the picture! Just plant it directly, let it climb up the rope! However, considering the outdoor wind blowing and rain, Huahua is recommended to choose iron wires and the like. However, after a period of erosion of wind and rain, the iron wire will also rust ~

Maybe you can replace it with stainless steel.

Or you can also nail a few nails on the balcony, and then wrap your favorite shape with a thread, but the rope must choose a stronger one. Put a pot of ivy.

Just let it climb slowly ~

(Author: Zixuan 0521 Source: Glory Bar) The picture above is the personal practice of flower buddies ~ Pull up the rope on the balcony, let the glory climb up slowly along the rope, summer is a beautiful curtain ~ Say you want!

Flower wall of the iron wire

When farming, you can’t find a suitable climbing method when planting climbing plants at home? This method provides you with a new idea ~ You can use the iron wire at home to form a square shape, and then nail a iron rod or a wooden stick on the top of the wall. Just hang it up ~ Put the plants that will climb underneath,

Let it climb up slowly!

Look! Upgraded version! If you feel that the one that hangs down is very beautiful, you can use your imagination, twist the wire into the shape you like, and then hang it on the wall, perfect!


If you are willing to make holes in the wall, Huahua recommends that you nail more iron sticks and wooden sticks, which can make your flowers have more extension space ~

Flowers entangled with wool balls

Do you feel incredible? Maybe many flower friends will care about the watering problems of these dumpling balls. Generally speaking, all those who will breed them with wool balls are drought -tolerant plants.

Like succulent plants is a good choice ~

Some flower friends may say that I have seen ferns in it ~ Fern plants can also be planted, but you have to keep the wool of the woolen ball and the humidity of the air ~ The flower buddies in the south are the flowers in the south. Can try,

The flower buddy in the north is still calculated ~

The method of making is also very simple. First of all, the root system of the plant is pinched into a spherical shape with a moist dirt. Well, use some strength when pinching ~

Otherwise, the soil will be scattered.

Wrap a layer of dried grass on top of the dirt, and then use wool to wrap the dried grass wrapped up.

Pay attention to a few more circles ~

Finally, just hang the finished product ~ you can hang it in the car, you can hang it directly in the room ~

You can do a few more!

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