She used these “crooked doors” to raise flowers.

Fertilization of duck -filled duck type

Many flower friends report that the fat is too stinky, and if it is laborious and not pleased, I really think about it. Today, Huahua will introduce a time -saving method for time -saving and effort. The important thing is that it is particularly clean ~

① Prepare a plastic bottle without too large. You can drink the mineral water bottle and cut off the bottom of the bottle.

② Bure the plastic bottle into the flower pot, and the soil surface is only exposed to the bottle cap. Note that when buried, the bottle should be on the edge of the flower pot. Don’t rely on the middle, otherwise not only block the roots, but also burn roots easily during the process of fertilizing.

③ Open the lid of the plastic bottle, cut the watermelon skin, vegetable leaves, peel, etc. into fragments, fill it in the plastic bottle, and then tighten the bottle cover to ferment.

④ As long as there are residues at home, you can fill in the plastic bottle. When you wait for 2-3 months, the peel and leaves that are first filled in the bottom of the pot can be rotted, and you can supplement the flower to supplement the nutrition.

⑥ The benefits of fertilizer do not burn the root, because the fermentation process is performed in a plastic bottle. The heat generated will not burn the root, and the bottle will not have a odor or insects. If you are still worried about insects, you can add some pesticides such as Fu Dan in the process of filling the peel.

One -knife burst pot

The immortal balls have been raised at home for several years, and they still look like when they were bought. It may be too comfortable, so I do not think about it.

You must give it a knife to make it feel your anger. In fact, it is a state of breaking its internal balance and stability. It feels that the danger is approaching and it will grow crazy.

① Prepare a sharp knife and disinfect with a bacterial solution.

② Find the position of about 1/3-1/2 of the fairy ball and cut the upper part horizontally.

③ Put the two parts of the cut, and apply a bit of fungal spirit, and place it in the environment of ventilated astigmatism for 1-2 days, so that the cut surface is dry.

④ The remaining cactus left in the pot should not be dipped in water within 2 weeks. After that, it will be maintained normally. After 1 month, it will have a lot of little cubs!

⑤ The part of the cut, after drying, put it in the new soil, and you will take root again, and you can have a pot of immortal ball again.

One -drag long bud

If your family’s rose is thin and tall, you can drag it and drag it to suspect life. In this way, it can be angry, and within 1 week, it will sprout like bamboo shoots. In the future, your rose can be changed from a pot.

▷ method 1: horizontal pulling the main branch

① Separate the branches on both sides of the rose and overwhelm 90 degrees to both sides.

② Fix it with a rope or wire to keep the branches stable and not rebound. Be careful not to drag too hard.

③ In this way, the original branches of the rose will lose the top advantage. Within 1 week, the new buds will emerge from the base.

④ If the small buds are too close and too dense, you can remove a few weaker ones, leaving nutrients to make thick branches develop.

▷ Method 2: side basin

① Tilt the rose pot for 45 ° to make the branches with fewer branches and weak sides up.

② In this way, the side advantage of the weak branches will form the top advantage, germinating more new buds, so that the rose is longer, the plants are fuller, and the flowering will be more.

▷ Method 3: Folding branches

① Select some weak branches and fold it at the lower position.

② Be careful not to break completely, just half, and ensure that there are still 2-3 bud points in the lower half of the broken part, so as to send a few more branches, otherwise it will be white to discount!

③ After about 1 week, the second half of the broken branches will germinate a new bud!

Are these “crooked doors” magical?

Learn it soon,

Maybe I can use it in the future ~

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