She went to the vegetable market to buy a few dishes, and she ate it for a summer


1. Cut off the roots of the celery bought back! For the specific location, please refer to the red line below ~ 2. Find a cup, or other containers without leakage, clean it, pour in a little water, and the water level is based on the root of the celery. 3. Put the roots of the celery down and put it in the water ~ 4. In about 1 week, the celery can grow thin roots ~ 5. After a while, you can grow new leaves. La! After the celery is long, you can pick it up and cook. Note that you cannot remove the core in the middle, otherwise the growth will become slower ~

Green onion

1. Cut off the shallot leaves of the green onion and leave the white part. Note that the green onion should be used with some blue parts. The leaves can be used for cooking ~ 2. Put the green onion into the glass bottle and add water. The white part. 3. Put the shallots on the balcony and window sills such as good light. 4. You can see the green onion tall about half a month! After the green onion grows tall, you can take off the leaves and eat it ~ As long as you don’t remove the green onion, you can always eat it!


1. Cut the roots of lettuce. 2. Put the lettuce into the container and add water until the root is not over the root. Note that letting lettuce is upright and not beside you. 3. Put the lettuce in a place with good light. Pay more attention to it, add water in time, and always ensure that moisture is immersed in the roots. After a period of time, you can grow new lettuce! You can take off the leaves to eat ~

Vermal vegetable

1. Cut the spinning vegetables into sections one by one. 2. Prepare a foam board, foam box. 3. Poke a few holes on the foam plate with scissors. 4. It is filled with water in the foam box. It is best to use tap water for two days and then use it, and then put the foam plate filled with spinning vegetables in. 5. The spinning vegetables grow very fast. You can grow new leaves in about 1 day. After two or three days, you can remove the leaves and cook!

(Author: Muolo Source: Qingdao So what kind of dishes do you buy? Direct hydroponic!

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