Spring Dream Temple

Farming method

Selection of pots

The Spring Dream Temple is a shallow root of polymeraldic flowers, and the flower pots that should be planted should choose the shallow basin, and the spring dream hall is always growing. The potter is selected for the pot. Potted plants, the basin is more plus in the pot so as to have good drainage.


The spring dream temple Jinxi warm and dry and light bright environment, and the growth period can be maintained throughout. Summer avoiding strong light exposure to avoid burning leaves.


Spring Dream Temple is slow, it should pay attention to a small amount of water to prevent rotten roots.

Spring and Autumn is the period of the spring dream of spring dreams, watering, but should pay attention to not spraying the leaves, the leaves of the spring dream are very delicate.


The spring dream of the spring is summer, the beautiful pink flower can be found. Female Friends can collect seeds after the spring dream temple, they will be collected, and they will be breed.

Flowering, watering, according to the principle of a small amount, avoiding the tide of the pot, the temperature is too high, causing rotten roots.

Summer avoids strong light direct, burns the leaves, sunburn flowers.


It is usually in the indoor to hold the spring dream hall, keeping temperature at 15 ~ 28 is good, lowest temperature 5 degrees, the maximum temperature is 35 degrees is the limit of the plant tolerance.


In the summer, the country is generally high, it is necessary to pay attention to the hurt in the spring dream temple to prevent the night’s injury to the spring dream.


Avoid rain

The spring dream temple is hyepiarous, and the color is mixed with joy, but it can’t be dipped, and the water is easily rot.

The spring dreams will avoid watering splashing and avoid rain.

Basin Humidity Control

Winter temperature is low, to keep spraying; high temperature, keep the pottery micro-tide; spring and autumn can be properly water, keep the pot soil moist.

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