State night, grow from toothpick seedlings to explosive pots

Quiet night transformation

(Author: Yuqi 05 Source: Yejie, let’s insert it)

From the bare leaflets to the beautiful and cute quiet night group, it is completely a counterattack Bai Fumei!

(Author: first sugar source: heap sugar)


(Author: Yuqi 05 Source: Yejie, let’s insert it)

At the beginning of germination, the leaves were wrinkled because of water shortage, and it could be watered after the roots.

Jingye doesn’t know when it will suddenly become expensive. In fact, as long as it can grow, it can grow, and the power of the leaf insertion is very high.

growing up

It grew into a small quiet night.

The quiet night is relatively easy to raise. It can be exposed during spring and autumn. It needs to be shaded in summer, especially not rain, otherwise it is easy to die.

grow up

Growing up, happy.

The soil on the quiet night needs to be loose and breathable, and a part of the granular soil needs to be mixed to prevent rotten roots.


The quiet night can still bloom, and the small yellow flowers are tender. If the quiet night grows healthy, flowering will not affect the state of the plant.

grow into

(Author: first sugar source: heap sugar)

Explosion!Full achievement!

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