Still complaining that the bougainvillea of your family does not bloom?Do these points well, the four seasons are constantly flowering!

The reason why Delta is not blooming

The reason for solving the problem is the key. Regarding the problem that the bougainvillea is not opened, Xiaobian summarized the following factors. Let’s take a look!

1. The size of the flower pot is unreasonable

This factor is often the easiest to ignore, but it is also very important. You must know that the size of the flowerpot directly affects the growth of the root system. Under the conventional conditions, the root of the open -air planting is quite developed, and sometimes it can even reach a few meters. It can be seen that the model of flower pots is directly related to the growth of flowers. If the root system does not get good growth, how can it provide good nutritional delivery to the flowers and leaves above the pot soil? Therefore, choosing the appropriate size of flower pots is very important!

2. Fertilizer supply is not timely

Triangle plum is a relatively good flower, so many people will ignore this. When flowers bloom, they have a great demand for nutrition. How can I ensure that the gorgeous flowers will bloom?

3. Flower lack of water

The growth of all things is inseparable from the water. When the bougainvy blossoms, it is often a large piece of openness. The entire plant is covered with flowers. Therefore Not timely, don’t say that it is not blooming, it is easy to drop by flowering, so the watering work must be done well!

The main points of breeding of blooming blooming


The requirements of the soil are not high. As long as it is a soil with drainage and breathable, it can be used for breeding. Common soil is mostly configured with humus soil and garden soil.


Triangle plum is not cold. Therefore, the temperature needs to be controlled in winter, and the minimum temperature is guaranteed to be above 5 degrees Celsius to prevent frost damage. The temperature adaptation is between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.


According to the growth environment of the four seasons and the changes in various factors, the Delta plum also has different watering methods in different seasons. In the spring and autumn seasons, pouring water once a day can meet the needs, but in the hot summer, the frequency of watering must be available in the frequency of watering. The most reasonable method of watering is once a morning and evening. In addition, at this time, if the flower budgets placed on outdoor breeding need to pay attention, do a good job of waterproof work in time to prevent potting water in the rainy days. Phenomenon. In winter, the amount of water should be controlled, and the amount of watering must be adjusted during the period of the flower bud.


Delta plums need to add fertilizer during the strong growth period. In addition, if you want to make plants grow better and more ornamental, you can add leaf surface fertilizer, such as phosphoric acid potassium dihydrogen. During the growth period, it is best to apply liquid fertilizer once a week. After entering the flowering period, it takes one month as the cycle to apply phosphate fertilizer to promote flowering. It is recommended to apply fertilizer after each flowering to ensure that the nutrients are sufficient.


Triangle plum particularly likes light, and sufficient light is also an important guarantee for Bougainville as the blooming. If the flowers are not sufficient for a long time, it is likely that the phenomenon of non -flowering or buds. Therefore At the same time, pay attention to move the flower pot to a better light to ensure that it can accept 8 hours of light per day, so that the flower will be better!

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