Striped stone breeding method and precautions

Soil requirements

Shuimahua is not very strict on environmental conditions, and cultivation management is relatively easy. Ordinary multi meat planting soil can usually use 4 humorite soil, 3 graft materials (shell powder, eggs, Chenshi wall, etc.), and 3 parts of Hessis are mixed.

Change the basin

The flushing pots of the flowers, the planting is carried out in autumn, and the plants are taken out from the soil when they change the pot, shake off the roots, try not to hurt the capillary. Cut the old root that has been rotted and then cultured with new cultivation. Strip flower is very adaptable, and the flowers of different varieties will not mutual exclusion, and different varieties can be planted in a basin.

Water fertilizer requirements

In the spring of 2 to April, it is a splendidity of flowers. At this time, it should stop fertilization, control water, and make the original old skin and early dry. Some people like to pee out their old skin directly in the flowers of flowers, so that the small plants inside will accept the sun as soon as possible, promote their growth, so that they are very strong. However, inadequately experienced growers will hurt the plants, pay attention to the operation. After the plant is mounted, it will apply a compound fertilizer to promote the rampage of rampage.

Watering time is generally low in the evening or early morning temperature, do not water water during the day temperature, to avoid damage to the plants due to sudden reduction in temperature. It is necessary to avoid rain, especially long-term rain or heavy rain, otherwise, due to excessive water absorption. Avoiding the long-term in the potted environment, it is easy to grow moss in the basin.

Light temperature requirements

Flash flower likes sunshine, but not strong light. In the summer, it is maintained in half, or it is 50% shade it, the leaves will be more beautiful. In spring, autumnal festival, temperature is not very high, it is necessary to give it direct sunlight, so that it accumulates nutrients. In winter, there is a place to maintain in the room.

The optimum growth temperature of the salvol is 15 ° C ~ 25 ° C, afraid of high temperature sultry, and enter the sleep state when the summer heat temperature is 33 ° C. Winter temperature control can be safely won, winter temperature is reduced to 7 ° C below 7 ° C, and if the ambient temperature is close to 4 ° C, it will die due to frostbite.


Because the lactatory stone roots are not developed, it is best to use small pots, don’t be too deep, 8 ~ 10 cm is enough.

The growth of the flowers of flowers is the most critical period of maintenance. It is also a growth period. Summer high temperature is not suitable for its growth, so he is dormant. So pay attention to the water and temperature control of the water and sleep during the maintenance.

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