Striped twelve rolls and precautions

Fertilizer requirements

Striped twelve volumes of droughtable capacity, can also grow well in a drought environment, but this does not mean not need to water and fertilize. Because the roots are afraid of water stains, if the water is placed in the basin or too much water, it is easy to rotten.

Therefore, watering fertilization should persist: intermediate wet, dry, do not dry, dry and penetrate.

Watering the next day after fertilization, promoting the absorption of fat effects. Water fertilizer water avoids gumping the plant.

Temperature requirements

The striped twelve volume growth is the most suitable temperature of 15 ~ 32 ° C, afraid of high temperature, summer heat exceeds 33 ° C will enter dormant period.

The wintering temperature should be controlled above 10 ° C, and if the temperature is lowered to 7 ° C, if the environment is close to 4 ° C, the plant will freeze the death.

Illumination requirements

In the spring and autumn, the temperature is not very high, the striped twelve is in the growth season, which can be irradiated with direct sunlight, and photosynthesis can promote nutrient accumulation.

In the summer, the plants should be placed in a half-shade, or put 50% outdoor, the leaves will be more beautiful.

In winter, put in bright indoor maintenance, pay attention to control temperature, often rotate the direction of the flower pot, and make the plants uniform.

Humidity requirements

Striped twelve volumes like relatively dry environments, which can easily infect pests and pests.

I am afraid of rain, and the plants of outdoor maintenance should be blocked. Don’t forget the leaves on the leaves at night, keep the blades dry.

The most suitable air humidity is 40 ~ 60%, and when the humidity is not enough, the water is sprinkled and humidified.

Breeding method

The branched method can be carried out in combination with the ball. The whole year can be carried out, and when there is a potting in 4-50, the seeds around the mother plant are peeled off, and the plants are planted directly. After the basin is placed in the shadow, the pot is placed in the shadow, and the water is controlled, and the amount of light and water is gradually increased after the decrease is long. The basin should be used in 2 garland and 1 river sand, and the appropriate amount of bone flour or calcium phosphate is added. Every spring, autumn is a long-term, watering should be appropriate, and it is advisable to dry with the potting soil. It is easy to cause the root rot. At this time, there is a large fertilizer, which is generally pouring 1 time every 3 weeks; Period, control, water, pay attention to proper shading; winter temperature is maintained above 10 ° C, water water is dry in the pot soil, low temperature, large water, will result in leaf, plant death.

Cutting: 5 – June gently cut the meverry blade, the base belt on the semi-woods, inserted from the sand bed, rooted for about 20-25 days. Potted by 2-3 cm long.


Place the ripples of the indoor breeding, try to put it near the door and window in the southeast direction, so that it will accept the sun, and move it to the outdoor farming for a while, even the sun is in the room. Plenty, the blades will be thin, new branches and leafles.

The roots of the twelve volumes are very sensitive, afraid of water stains, if water in the flower pot, or watering fertilization is too frequent, it is easy to rotten, so watering should be controlled.

When the striped twelve volumes enter the sleep period, the control number will be controlled, when watering, try to choose a high temperature at noon at night.

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