Such a cute succulent!You are so ugly!


When I was young, I was really cute. It was like a group of bunny planted in the soil. The tender green and green were also a little white crystal.

After raising it for a while, what about the little jade rabbit? What kind of ghost is this? Metastic? What about my rabbit head? What do you do with your ears so long!


The meaty leaves have a cute lace -like sawtooth, tender green in the middle, to the edge of the leaves, and the color of the leaves becomes more pink.

I know that it means that it is called an immortal bird! What kind of ghost? What about a good lace -shaped sawtooth? What kind of ghost is this now? Do you want to eat meat? And my little pink? Return me! give me back!


When I was young, the stone flowers were tender and tender, and they looked colorful. Not to mention that it was cute, it looked like a small mushroom nail, and it was like a baby’s little fart, super cute.

Here is simply not dare to look directly. What kind of ghost is this? Say good pink? Also, when did these patterns come out? Do you want to be so exaggerated!

Meat cone flower (light bulb flower)

When I was young, it looked crystal clear, like a crystal small steamed bun, super cute! Fatty, round, reddish, I really want to pinch it with my hands! Many flower friends can’t help but call it a little fat man, super cute!

Some flower buddies are breeding, what ghost you tell me? What about the crystal clear? What about the red? Even if you turn green, what is the white -green appearance that is not cracked? Also, do you want to be so high -profile, a thin flower on your head? At first glance, I thought it was Baru Beast!


When I was young, the tip of the leaves was red, so cute, the whole looks like a rose shape. I really want to hold it in my palm!

what’s the situation? I am unable to vomit, meat! Are you too fierce? Don’t treat yourself as weeds!

Mountain rose

The mountain rose is like a small green rose, oops, it’s so beautiful!

It is hard to imagine when growing up! Mountain Rose Jun, Xiaobian is like asking you, you are exaggerated too much, are you proud? What is so high in the neck!

Ha ha! Did you feel speechless after watching Xiaobian’s Tucao? Do you have lost your confidence in breeding and succulent? Don’t worry, Xiaobian wants to say that these fleshy ugliness is caused by problems in our daily maintenance process. As long as we pay more attention, we can still restore the cuteness of the meat!

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