Suddenly laughing breeding method

Suddenly laughing breeding method


Suddenly, the adaptability of laughter is very strong. I like to grow in a wet environment. It is more cold and salt -resistant. It is best to choose a fertile sandy loam or limestylon loam with rich humus.


Suddenly, it is not resistant to drought, afraid of waterlogging and sunlight, and when the light is too strong, the plant will not bloom. The most suitable growth temperature is 22-30 degrees. It can usually be placed in the astigmatism ventilation at the time of planting.


Suddenly, the daily management of the land should pay attention to keeping the soil moist. If you encounter relatively arid weather before blooming in summer, you need to pour two to three times in a row; during the dormant period of the plant, the amount of watering should be gradually reduced.


Suddenly, the growth of laughes does not require too much fertilization. It can be applied to some fast -effective chemical fertilizers to promote the nutrition growth of the leaves.A small amount of topdressing can be applied from March to April, which can promote the increase in bulbs; at the dormant period of plants from June to July, a small amount of organic fertilizer can be applied; when the flower stems start to draw out, they can be applied to the thin thinner once.Rotten phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

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