Suitable indoor plant flower

Fairy ball

Speaking of fairy balls, although it is a drought -tolerant plant, it can also be raised with water. Compared to soil planting methods, the chance of moving the fairy ball in water is very high. As long as you need to ensure the cleanness of the moisture, change the water on time can make the fairy ball glorious and moving.

Rich bamboo

The characteristics of bamboo are straight branches, the leaves are green, and the rich bamboo is also the same. Fugui bamboo is a kind of yin -resistant plant that can grow normally in a dark environment. It can be placed indoors without light, as long as it gives enough water to maintain a healthy appearance.

Spidering orchid

Schilan is a more suitable for indoor decoration. It can bloom white flowers and the branches are evergreen. It can usually alleviate the situation of indoor air pollution, which is both beautiful and practical. When placing planting in the water, put the utensils in water, and then cooperate with a small amount of nutrients to thrive.


Green Luo’s water care method is very simple. Cut the vine bar into the water, and then change the water often, and then add some nutrients. It can not only make the air fresh, but also add a certain color to the room.


Ivy is more happy. It can grow quickly in a warm environment. Putting in the room is a very beautiful decoration. It can climb to various furniture, adding a green glory to the simple furniture of ancient boards, The method of nourishing the Ivy vine is very simple. As long as it is placed in the water, it can grow with strong vitality and health.

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