Summary of the reasons why flowers do not bloom

Summary of the reasons why flowers do not bloom

Improper water and fertilizer

During the growth of plants, if the amount of water and fertilizer is too much, it will cause too much growth and leaves, and nutrients have accumulated in the rhizomes and leaves, which will lead to insufficient nutrition of the flowers and fruits of plants, which affects the development of flower buds. Or the sparse flowers. In addition, if the buds of the plant are fertilized, or the amount of watering is unstable, it is easy to cause the flower bud to fall off. Instead, if fertilization and watering during the growth of flowers, the plant will lack nutrition of the growth of plants, which will cause less flowers and the quality of the flowers to deteriorate.

Light temperature

Different flowers have different preferences and demand for light and temperature, such as some flowers, while some flowers are half -shade; some flowers are warm, and some prefer cool. If the light and temperature are improper during plant growth, it is also easy to cause the situation of non -flowering or flower buds.

Soil nature

Most of the flowers prefers slightly acidic or neutral soil, and do not like saltine. Therefore, the high saline content of soil will also affect the growth and flowering of flowers.

Winter room temperature

Because some flowers need to sleep, if the indoor temperature is too high in winter, the plant will germinate the leaves in advance, resulting in the consumption of nutrients, which will cause the plant to be weak in the past year of the plant.

Too little pruning

Use properly trimming and finishing during the growth of plants, so that it can achieve a beautiful effect, but also to avoid excessive nutrients consumed by branches and leaves and affect the flowering of plants.


During the growth period, flowers are prone to pests and insect pests, which affects the results of the growth and development of plants that cause non -flowering. For the above situation, we should take defense measures in time, carry out reasonable fertilization and watering, and create a good growth environment to avoid the situation where plants do not bloom.

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