Summer is here, do not die for these spending, otherwise it will be possible!


Camellia is a semi -negative flower, so when summer comes, if it is planted in the yard, it is best to use the shack to cover the yin, or move to the big tree. Essence When the temperature is as high as 35 degrees in summer, the leaves of the camellia will be burned.

Summer maintenance points:

In summer, an appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied to keep the soil moist.


When the temperature exceeds thirty degrees, Clivia stopped growing and entered the dormant period. At this time, the demand for light is reduced, and the weather with high temperature and highlights is not conducive to the safe summer summer.

Summer maintenance points:

In addition to normal shading and lighting, the temperature also needs to be reduced. When the temperature is too high, the clivia leaves will grow long and affect the ornamental. It can spray more water, ventilate, and strengthen heat dissipation.


The leaves of the bamboo are very small. If you are exposed to the sun in the summer, it will soon dry yellow.

Summer maintenance points:

In the summer, we need to spray more water in summer to ensure enough air humidity. Put it in the scattered light, and it is necessary to ventilate and heat dissipation over 20 degrees.

White palm

White palm likes a high temperature environment, but it is not resistant to strong light exposure. It can give sufficient light in spring and winter to promote flowering, but in summer, shading must be performed.

Summer maintenance points:

In the summer of white palms, the pot soil should be protected, but there must be no water, and it should not be kept in the shade of scattered light. The white palm of the hydroponic should be changed frequently to check whether the root system is rotten and clean up in time.


Generally, the plants with very large leaves are not resistant to strong light exposure. For example, the back of the turtle is also needed to be placed in the scattered light when the summer arrives.

Summer maintenance points:

The turtle -back bamboo likes a moist environment. The temperature is high in summer, and sufficient water should be supplemented. Generally, when the weather is dry, spray the leaves with more water to keep the air humidity, so that the leaves will be even more available to the leaves more. vitality.


The hydrangea period is from June to August, and it is hot summer. If you put the hydrangea in the sun at this time, the hydrangea will soon wither. There are hydrangea at home, and shade must be done.

Summer maintenance points:

Put the hydrangea in a cool place to avoid the leaves of the leaves from withered, keep the pot soil moist, cut off the flower stems in time after the flowers, and fertilize it to supplement the nutrients consumed by flowering.

Rich bamboo

In summer, if you put rich bamboo under the sun, it will easily lead to yellowing, green, and growing slowly.

Summer maintenance points:

Changing water in summer, cleaning the hydroponic bottle, do not add any nutrients, do not put it in a fan or near the air conditioner.

Flowers, have you learned?

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