Swallow is often asked

What should I do if the swallow is on the leaves?

Swallows have the following reasons: Sudden water is short, low ambient temperature, and ventilation is not good. The swallows in the family can take off the leaves, according to their own situation, the right to seat, improve the environment. It is easy to die, and it is difficult to support. Swallows will slowly recover at least one month, during which we should strengthen conservation.

What should I do if the swallow is so lush?

Some people think that there is no leaves of the swallows, but some people are gas, saying that the swallow long branches are too secret, this is simple, as long as it is trimmed in time, this has no specific requirements, according to their aesthetics, put the plants too long over secret part Just line! However, after the trim, the plants were moved to the sun, and there were more ventilation to avoid moistive wound infections.

What should I do if I don’t have a swallow?

The leaves are not full, that is, there is a bit dry, the color is not so green, if it is usually busy, there is no time to take the swallows, it is definitely your problem, the plant’s water is not kept. Every time it is watering, add the fertilizer to the water, fertilize it once a month, slowly will be restored.

If you have enough time every day, you can’t help your hand, don’t know how to raise it? Watery often, causing too much water, then you should stop watering until the basin turns. Plants are placed in a well ventilated place.

How is the swallow?

The swallows blossoms are usually in the summer, but the swallows of the faders are blooming in winter, and the bird’s palm is very long. It can reach 100 days. It is said that the swallow is very difficult to flow, and the maintenance will be blooming. Usually, it will not bloom in the first year and slowly cultivation with it.

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