Take a look at 15 kinds of flowers that are hung up, beautiful and easy to raise!


Main points of maintenance:

1. Dwarf meten is particularly easy to feed. As long as you hang it on the South Balcony and give it sufficient light, it can make it bloom.

2. It is enough to pour water in about 2-4 days in autumn.

3. Occasionally give it some compound fertilizers, and it can make it quickly burst!

Molten bamboo plum

Main points of maintenance:

1. Hanging bamboo plums can be called a lazy flower, because it is almost not sick and does not recruit pests.

2. As long as you hang in the living room with good scattered light or north balcony, you can grow well.

3. Water in about 3-5 days, you can hang up into a waterfall soon!

Air pineapple

Main points of maintenance:

1. It is said that the flowers that can be bursted without soil and water. Except for the air pineapple, the flowers really can’t think of others.

2. Find a glass bottle and plant the air pineapple in it. Whether it is hanging in a restaurant or study, it is very beautiful.

3. Usually just spray water around the air around it to ensure that the humidity is enough.


Main points of maintenance:

1. Ivy vines are best hanging in the bright living room, or dining tables, north balcony, etc.

2. Spray the water once in the morning and evening to ensure sufficient air humidity. At the same time, apply thin liquid fertilizer once 1-2 weeks, which can make the Ivy vine grow more vigorously, and the leaves can hang down more beautiful!

Peony Schilan

Main points of maintenance:

1. Peony Schilan likes the sun and hangs it on the South Bowl.

2. Usually applying rotten fertilizers every half a month, homemade beancake fertilizer and bone fertilizer.

3. Usually hold a branch, dry it a little, insert it in the soil, and take root in a few days.

Six times

Main points of maintenance:

1. In the small blue flowers, the two favorite types of flowers are blue snowflakes and six times profit. Although the blooming of six times the bloom is small, a cluster of clusters are easy to explode.

2. As long as you hang it on the balcony window, you can grow very strong. Usually apply liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks to make it burst!


Main points of maintenance:

1. Huahua thinks that the green dill is lifted and letting its branches hang down as a curtain, which is good -looking and environmentally friendly.

2. Usually hang the green dill on the door, pour water once for about 2-4 days. It is okay to pour some rice water, fish tank water, etc. to supplement nutrition, and it can become curtains within 1 month!

Spidering orchid

Main points of maintenance:

1. Since the name is Zanglan, it should be lifted up. Put the sprinkler in the refrigerator, wardrobe, etc. a little height.

2. Pour water once 3-5 days. Usually apply a little rotten bean dregs, etc., so that the branches of the hanging orchids hang down from a high place, and soon it can be covered with small hanging orchids!

Millions of Xiaoling

Main points of maintenance:

1. Millions of small bells at home must have been topped at least 3 times to make it easier to explode.

2. Pour water once 3-5 days, hang it on the South Bowl or the South Window Power, or even the outdoor light, and it will soon explode!


Main points of maintenance:

1. Hook up the drug draft on the balcony, grow very fast, and you have to trim it almost every week.

2. It can usually be poured once every 3-5 days. If the branches are withered, it can be recovered as long as the water is poured, and the drug grass has a sterilization and disinfection effect. It is most suitable for raising at home!


Main points of maintenance:

1. Ball root Begonia likes to scattered light.

2. The temperature in autumn is reduced. Pour water for about 3-5 days. When watering, pour it along the pot. Do not touch the leaves, otherwise it will cause rot.

3. If you want the bells of the ball to grow well, you need to apply rotten cake fertilizer or compound fertilizer once for 10 days.


Main points of maintenance:

1. Geranium is drooping the sun, just hang it on the Nanda platform.

2. Apply 2-3 thin liquid fertilizers for about 1 month, and spray 0.2 % potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution once before flowering, which can make geranium flowers more and more gorgeous.

3. Pour water once every day 3-5 days.

Dry golden lotus

Main points of maintenance:

1. As long as it is well raised, the dry Jinlian can bloom throughout the year, and it can bloom for about 10 days.

2. Put in Nanda platform or good outdoor light.

3. Water in 2-4 days in autumn, you can develop a waterfall soon!

Beauty cherry

Main points of maintenance:

1. Beauty cherry blossoms are also a kind of flower that is very good for feeding, as long as it hangs it on the south window sill to give it sufficient light.

2, pour water once 7-10 days, and twice before flowering, it can make it quickly burst!


Main points of maintenance:

Usually, as long as you have a branch with nodes and insert it in the soil, you can take root in a few days!

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