Taking advantage of this season, hurry up your family’s flowers!


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Develop flower wall skills:

1. Only places with good indoor ventilation and bright scattered light can grow fast. The indoor can be placed behind the windows across the glass or on the balcony. 2. Fertilizer, you can break the cake fertilizer, add water to the plastic bottle to ferment, and wait until the liquid in the bottle turned black, you can use it about 50 times it, 2 to 3 times a year.

(Author: Renxin loves flowers and lovers Source: Ivy Team Bar) 3, change the pot, change the pot for about 2 to 3 years, fill in some slow -release fertilizers at the bottom of the flower pot, or ferment yourself by yourself Bean cake fertilizer is used as bottom fertilizer. 4. Remember to water sufficient watering ~ At present, this temperature is almost the same water for 5 to 7 days, and you usually have to spray water on the leaves of ivy. Wall ~

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Ball orchid

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Develop flower wall skills:

1. Choose the right plant, grass charcoal+perlite+vermiculite, the key is to transport breathability. If you only use garden soil, it may not be very long. 2. Watering should be dried and wet, and it should be poured through. If you are worried that the water will flow out of the gap directly, if you ca n’t pour, you can use the pelvic method and wait for the soil surface to be wet and take out.

(Author: Slim and Lean Gu Nu Source: Ball Orchid Bar) 3. Build a shelf for the ball or orchid, or stand up with a stick to let the ball orchid climb, or use tape and nails to fix the stems of the ball on the wall with tape and nails on the wall. Essence 4. Species of astigmatism, the ball orchid cannot be directly shot by sunlight, but it can be placed behind the window across the glass. In the picture above, in fact, the window is very good, and the ball orchid can be placed on the balcony.

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Develop flower wall skills:

1. Pour water for about 3 to 5 days, and it cannot be deficient in water, otherwise it will affect the growth of the green dill. In addition to watering, spray water on the green body every day.

(Source: Deqing County Health and Family Planning Bureau) 2. Put the fish tank water or rice water water. The fish tank water can be poured directly. The rice water should be placed in a sealed plastic bottle for about 10 days and then diluted before watering.

(Source: Deqing County Health and Family Planning Bureau) 3. Put the green dill in the living room, the balcony, etc. can be exposed to the sun, and the light can grow fast.


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Develop flower wall skills:

1. Teng Sanqi is the best on the window sill or balcony, especially the window sill across the glass. Of course, if the light is bright in the room. 2. Watering must be sufficient, and water should be poured once in about 5 days.

(Author: libralh Source: Blog) 3. The soil should choose sandy loam soil. You can use garden soil to mix river and sand, or you can replace it with other particles. As long as the last soil is loose and breathable. 4. If the vine three seven grow fast, it is best to keep the indoor temperature at about 20 ° C. It is definitely super fast. You can put it hanging or inserting the rod at a high place and climbing along the pole.

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