Tang printing method and precautions

Family farming method


The original South Africa’s Tang print is now cultivated around the world. It can be seen that Tang print is not very strict for temperature requirements. The best cultured temperature range is 15-20 ° C.

Slightly cold, but it cannot be less than 3 ° C, otherwise it is easy to frost.


In the spring and autumn two seasons, it is necessary to wate up frequently, poured once 1 to 2 weeks.

When the summer is high in summer, the plant grows weaker, watering should be temperate, prevent rot.

Water temperature is low, water should be small, see dry dry, can be placed in the basin soil, do not strengthen water.


The spring and autumn growth should be held for about 10 days, and the rusted thin fertilizer is appropriate. Don’t fertilize in summer high temperature and winter cold.


The reproduction of Tang print uses buds, and the leaves are plugged in or with a stem of the leaves.

The breeding season should choose to grow vigorous spring and autumn two seasons.

Exchange pot

Change the basin every spring. The pot soil should be selected from drainage and good breathable, and should pay attention to avoid injury when they change the pot.


Watering fertilizer, don’t hurt leaves

Tang Yan is a guanye plant, and there is a gray of gray on the blade.

However, if the fertilization is watered, the fertilizer, the water is reduced to the blade, and the white powder will be brush and affect the value of viewing.

Winter and summer Tang print

Tang Yin is a full-suggeting plant, as long as it is not exposed to sun, all day can be placed outdoors. In the winter, it is especially paying attention to full-day maintenance.

In summer, the water is not properly caused by the plant, and must control water.

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