Tape flower variety

Beautiful soup flower

Beautiful Jinzhu is a common variety of Jinzihua. Its flowers are light pink, small leaves, round or wide elliptical, and the leaves are obvious, and the edges of the leaves have sparse teeth. The beautiful soup flower is axillary, and the first time is on white, it turns into a light red, the flowers are in May – June.


The maximum feature of the flower ribbon flower is that the leaves, the edge of the leaves with milk yellow or white streaks.

Flower-like floral leaves have a leaf tip. The flowers are born, the flower crown, the color is gradually changed to pink, because the flower opening time is different, the first flowers color, the latter flower has not started color, a white flower and red flower, make The entire plant exhibits two kinds of colors, under the flowers, extraordinarily colorful.

Mao Yushu

There are silky hair on both sides of the Mao Yushu, which is very in line with its name.

The flowers of the Mao Yushu flower are rose red or pink, the throat is yellow, and 3-5 is born on a small branch, bloom early, flowering in 4 – May.

Red king kong

The red kingzi is a white plant, and there is a light red tender branch, the whole season leaves are golden. Red Kingzi Jinzhu flowers in the early days, the flower period is April to October. The flower crown is funny, the flowers are intensive, the corolla is red, and the beautiful and pleasing.

Other common varieties of Jinzihua

There are other varieties of Jinzhuhua.

For example, the white flower brocade, the character is the flower white, with a flavor.

Chamele, flowers, flowers will be discolored, and when the initial is open, it will become red.

The purple leaf brocade, the leaves have shallow purple, and the flowers are purple pink.

Pompaires, mainly characterized by white spots on the leaves.

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