The 90 -year -old grandmother and a deaf cat have been living in the countryside for 11 years and moved countless people!

This is a heartwarming story.

Children are not around,

A grandmother of nearly 90, and her cat,

Live a quiet and beautiful years together.

In the winter of 2004,

Grandma met this cat,

In a shabby warehouse,

A new nest of kittens just came to this world.

One of the kittens attracted the attention of grandma

Her eyes are a little strange,

The right eye is golden,

The left eye is blue,

Listening seems to have some obstacles

Grandma distressed

Take her home pity.

Carefully take care of her.

And gave her a name “Fu Wan”

Grandma said that this is the gift and happiness given to her by heaven.


They are alone, a cat,

A warm years began.

Grandma in the sun, take radish in the sun,

She was with her,

By the way, we will be exposed to straw by the way.

Grandma work in the field,

The kitten is also naughty.

Grandma was covered with soil,

Little white cats also become small dirty cats.

But the happy smile did not fade.

Grandma grows vegetables in the field,

Fu Wan stretch out the small paw,

Want to get a handle.

Come back from the field,

Grandma goes to the house to cook,

Fu Wan jumped to the sieve,

Play a little 盹.

Fu Wan likes to cool down under the grape rack with grandma,

There is a gently swaying sun,

There is also the spleen fragrance of grapes,

It’s so happy.

Grandma will also be drying peanuts,

Leave half of the sieve,

Let Fuwan play.

There are many trivial matters in the life of grandma to do,

Washing vegetables, cooking, and working in the ground …

There is only one thing in Fuwan’s life,

It’s no matter where grandma is, what is doing,

Fu Wan was accompanied by her.

“Grandma, noodles are delicious?”

“Grandma, happy birthday, I will always be with you”

Grandma picks a full star,

She is happy like a girl.

In the sunset, we sit quietly,

It’s like an old friend who is in love.

Probably tacit understanding,

Do you need to communicate with words?

Naturally feel the happiness of her heart.

A look,

A subconscious action,

They all reveal the strong feelings between each other.

After a busy day,

Sit in the yard for a while,

Come a cup of afternoon tea,

Feel the breath of warm sun.

spring is coming,

Take you to see the field by bicycle.

Go and see together,

How about rapeseed this year.

“Climb to the cabinet,

Pretend to be a vase “

“Grandma, is you sweet?”

Golden autumn season,

Fruit bent with branches

While the sun is warm,

Get orange with grandma.

winter is here,

I baked in front of the stove,

Grandma also used her warm palm,

Warm me.

Grandma pretended to be a cat,

It’s like me?

In their story,

Not only grandma and Fuwan.

Every road they have traveled,

Take the cold every tree together,

There are also fruits that have been picked together,

They are part of their stories.

Time flows slowly,

They are accompanied by the day and night,

Living habits have become surprisingly consistent.

Every look,

Every action,

They are the same as the heart and the soul.

You tease me, I tease you,

Like two naughty children.

Hold a grandma’s hand,

Fu Wan will feel at ease.

“Grandma, do this fish eat it for me?”

“I want to be beautiful!”

“Grandma, what do you write on the newspaper?”

“Promise me, change your ears next time”

“Grandma, what are you eating?”

“Fu Wan, do you like these sunflowers?”

“Fu Wan, come and help grandma find something”

“Grandma is nap, don’t bother her?”

“The peach blossoms are blooming, I look at the flowers on the tree, grandma watching me under the tree”

“I’m afraid, shake …”

Fuwan grew up day by day,

Grandma turned old every day.

There are grandma’s Fuwan,

It is the happiest kitten in the world,

Grandma of Fu Wan,

It is the happiest grandma in the world.

They are happy for each other.

After these photos were passed on the Internet,

The story of countless netizens is warm and moved,

I hope grandma and cats have been with each other.

Helpless, 2015,

Fu Wan died of kidney failure.

Can’t accompany the grandma.

Grandma looked at the Fu Wan in the flowers,

Still so cute.

“I have been by your side” softly, “I have always been by your side”

When hitting the last day,

Fu Maru’s face is haggard,

I also meowed,

Seems to say goodbye to grandma.

The luckiest thing in life, the most lucky thing,

Just encounter such a TA,

Have fun with you and sad.

Maybe a person, a puppy, a kitten

The important thing is,

When you meet, you have been by your side.

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