The balcony is planted like this, who is still going out for vacation?

▲ As shown above, it is actually a relatively satisfactory small balcony. A small round table+a small chair, with some potted plants, very fresh and clean.

▲ If your balcony is large enough, then put on some big furniture! Put a row of potted plants near the railing, and put a few more magazines on the shelf next to it, which is perfect!

▲ And if your terrace is large enough, or if you have a small yard that belongs to your own, you can make fun! There is no need to buy a chair table or something. It is good to use the old furniture before, and it also feels like a historical feeling! Don’t believe that you look at the blue cabinet in the picture, is it very tone with the small garden?

▲ Live in the high -level? It’s okay! Balcony small? It doesn’t matter! Put a rattan chair on one side of the balcony, to raise flowers on the other side, and come to a high, middle and low arrangement!

▲ For the flowers of the four seasons on the balcony, you can choose some leaf -seeing plants. Don’t think that leaf -watching plants cannot be blossoming. If you look at the picture, you will be envied by green plants around you?

▲ The hanging hanging is simply a large kill. When the hanging hanging with flowers and bird cages is combined, the entire balcony becomes noble and elegant instantly!

▲ What happened to the balcony? What’s wrong with raising less flowers? No one is allowed to step by step? And this kind of open -air balcony, if it is not a walkway under the balcony, you can try to hang the flowers outside, but you must pay attention to the quality of the basket!

▲ Needless to doubt, this is the balcony that Huahua wants to have most! none of them! Please raise your hand like Huahua!

▲ In fact, the flower stand is the flower stand, is there any characteristics? You can also use it directly as a flower pot!

▲ If there are too many flowers in your home, it is still recommended to buy a larger flower stand. a feeling of.

▲ If it is a flower friend with a more life -like mood, you can hang curtains on one side of the open -air balcony, which not only makes the balcony more beautiful. At noon in summer, you can also pull the curtains to shade ~

▲ If you like the plant of the vine very much, you can set up a climbing rack for the lentils as in the figure above, so that the vine man can climb along the climbing frame, it looks beautiful ~

▲ If you are more embarrassing, the balcony can also be arranged as a guest room ~ The surroundings are covered with green plants. In this atmosphere, the whole person will relax a lot ~

▲ The picture above is probably the corner of the balcony of the flowers! In the lower right corner, Huahua saw the flower soil, and it looked very fertile!

▲ I don’t know if everyone likes to swing Qianqian. If the house is allowed at home, you can set up a small autumn Qian in the yard or terrace! There are a few pots of climbing plants under the autumn thousands, climbing up along the autumn thousands of autumn on both sides. It is absolutely beautiful when blooming in spring!

▲ A exquisite balcony, do not have to place a lot of objects, nor flowing flowers must not be in accordance with conventional flower pots. Some iron boxes that are not used at home can be used.

▲ The plant like a mountain climbing tiger is very beautiful, but the destruction of the wall is relatively large, so Huahua still recommends ivy and green Luo ~

▲ If you have a yard, you must put a dining table. In summer, you can eat on it and drink afternoon tea!

▲ The corners of the edge of the balcony can be placed with flowers, walls, fences, or whatever, and can be hung on a few pots, and then put a flower stand, which is basically the most common balcony style in modern families ~ If it can It’s better to put a chair ~

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