The beauty of stone

What is the stone?

First, there is a stone, which is a plant name.

The stone is also called stone dragon vine, the mean flower, the jasmine, has a long English scholar, which is a normally green vine plant in the bamboo lanter. Generally growing in the Yellow River Basin, strong environmental adaptability, strong ornamental, often used as garden cultivation. The flowering time is overflowing, and the branches are inserted into a basin view.

The morphological characteristics of the stone stone

石 is evergreen wood vine, long gantogenous roots, often climbed in trees, rock walls, branches of 2 meters to 10 meters, with milk. The old branch is smooth, the festival is often rooted, and there is a mulberry in the young branches.

Single leaves, elliptical to wide lanceolate, 2.5 cm long to 6 cm, first end, leather, smooth, leaf, hair, petiole is very short.

Polychlock flower, preface, total spectrum, 9 to 15 flowers, small flower, cylindrical, corolla high disc, petal 5, white, splicing slice of spiral arrangement, slightly “卐” Words, there is aroma, flowering from June to July. Both births, fruits from August to December, and there are long hair on the seed.

Origin of origin

石 石 石 原 中国 China Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Jiangsu, etc., have been made in the garden.

Common items in Mono

Leaf-like stone: small blade, elliptical lanceolate, 4 cm to 4.5 cm long, inflorescence axillary, spectacular from April to May.

Big Leaf Qidone: The leaves are large, 4.5 cm long to 6.5 cm, width of about 3.5 cm wide, the casserole, the leaves are slightly rolled down, and the flowers are later.

Purple Monozo: It is a coarse rattan, leather quality, pocket shaped, 8 cm to 15 cm, 3 cm to 5 cm wide, and the purple flowers.

Value of the effect

View value: Alpine stone is the algorite climbing of the bamboo lanter, the stone is often green. From April to May, almost a white, it is constantly spent in the future, until November, the length is half a year, so there is a “not jasmine, the jasmine” evaluation, you can make a bonsai to watch, it is Very good aromatic flower.

Garden use: 石 为 is the bamboo tree 科 绿 绿 绿 本 物The wall, stone pillar, pavilion, gallery, steep wall, etc., very beautiful. Because of its stem contact, it is easy to root, well-negative, so it is also ideal to be plants, can be a forest between the forest grassland, Linyuan. At the same time, the thickness of the stone leaves is widely adapted. Greening preferred seedlings that can be contaminated with green, road shells, etc. Because of the quartz stone, the four seasons are evergreen, which can be used as a colored block green.

Pharmaceutical value: Alphabet is a common Chinese medicine, its dry belt leaf rat. There is a function of routine, and cool blood. It can be used to treat rheumatism, tendon, waist and knee pain, throat, swelling, and bruises.

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