The best plant ranking in the room

Spidering orchid

To say that the plants that are good for feeding are really a kind of planting. Xiaobian also planted a tree at home. There is almost no need to take care of it, and it can live well.

Spring Lan likes a warm and humid growth environment, and the requirements for soil are not high. As long as it is given an appropriate amount of water, it can grow well. It is the best test flower for novice flowers.


Tiger thorns like a sunny growth environment. As long as the maintenance process, be careful not to water too much, causing water accumulation. There is no problem with how you raise it. Moreover, tiger thorn plum does not like fertilizer very much. In addition to appropriate fertilizer every year, it can not be fertilized at other times. Is it super easy to feed?

Rich coconut

Fugui coconut is a very good ornamental plant. It is really a good choice to raise a tree not only to decorate the home at home, but also purify the air. The drought resistance of rich coconuts is very good. As long as it gives it sufficient light, it can grow well.

Rubber tree

Astromotone is an excellent leaf -viewing plant. Like a warm and humid environment. Generally, the rubber tree is placed in a position without direct sunlight. It can grow well in the appropriate amount of scattered light. And its meaty leaves have good water retention, so it does not require frequent watering.


As a good indoor purification plant, Ivy can be said to be the first choice for indoor flower breeding. As long as you pay attention to keeping the wetness of the pot soil and reasonably accept the scattered light, you can enjoy the fresh air brought by the Ivy vine for indoor!

Jade tree

Yushu likes to dry and warm the environment. As long as it is not allowed to receive strong light, it is not difficult to water, and there is no difficulty to cultivate at all.

Some flower friends may worry about whether there is a poisonous problem. I will give you a popular science here. As long as the skin does not touch its juice, Yushu has no harm to the human body. So, rest assured to raise it boldly!

money tree

Maybe I listed the money tree, and some people will hold the opposition, because many of the money trees breeding by flower buddies have symptoms of rotten roots. Xiaobian wants to say that in fact, as long as the daily maintenance process pays more attention to ventilation, avoid strong light to avoid strong light Exclusion, this situation can be avoided. In simple terms, as long as the pot soil is slightly humid, it does not cause stagnant water, and the money tree is super easy to raise!


Aloe vera, Xiaobian feels that it does not need to be said that everyone can say a bunch of them. It really has a very high value. In addition, the breeding of aloe is also very simple. Slightly light, occasionally drying water can grow into a very strong look.


The fairy has a strong vitality from the arid desert area. As long as it gives it a reasonable growth temperature, be careful not to accumulate water. The rest is just waiting for it to grow. It’s really easy to raise!

Silver queen

The Queen of Silver likes to scattered light, pay attention to ventilation in daily life, sufficient water in the growth period, without water, and apply thin fertilizer once every half a month. The plant of the silver queen is beautiful, and a beautiful and convenient planting!

He is not as good as acting, and plant it with peace of mind!

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