The best succulent, find it for you, it is not my business!

1 Ji Haoyue

(Author: XPC1985 Source: Sina Blog) 1. Ji Haoyue is still easy to be in the northern open -air, but the high temperature and humidity in the south are a challenge to Ji Haoyue. After ° C or above, it can be shaded and controlled by Ji Haoyue. Watering can be watered once a month.

2. In addition, other areas should decrease watering with the increase in temperature. For example, now about 20 ° C, watering once a week is similar. One water, and if the temperature reaches 35 ° C up, it costs once a month. Of course, the safest method of watering is still dry and wet. 3. Here, you must mention a situation in a special situation. If you use an impermeable basin, and the garden soil, the water control, ventilation, and shade, these three steps are indispensable!

2 white peony

1. Be sure to bask in the sun ~ Although the white peony is easy to raise, it will show you long after the light is not good. 2. If you want white peony to grow compact, it is best not to pour too much water. It is better to control the water. It can be poured in about 15 days. 3. White peony is very easy to be black rot in summer, so we must ensure good ventilation!

3 Ji Xing Beauty

1. It is necessary to keep water in summer, but to reduce the number of watering times, you can water 2 to 3 times a month, and water it at night. 2. The growth period needs to be full -day, so that its plant type can be controlled, making the branches and leaves compact and beautiful. 3. Generally, the cuttings branches are used to breed. After cutting, it will be maintained in a cool and ventilated place. It will soon be rooted in about 1 week.

4 Chiqiao

1. Slowly watering in summer should be reduced slowly, usually watering once every 2 to 1 month. 2. Change the pelvis of Chiba lotus every spring, and when the pot is changed, cut the dewy or dry roots of the plant base and plant it with new pots and new soil. 3. Light, all sun care, shade at noon in summer to avoid exposure.

5 Blue Stone Lotus

1. It is necessary to accept sufficient sunshine before the plant type is compact, and pink edges on the edge of the leaves will appear. 2. Bluestone lotus belongs to medium and large plants. Therefore, it is usually changed to pots once every 1 to 3 years. The diameter of the selected flower pot is 1 to 2 inches larger than the plant. 3. Watering must be dried and wet. It is okay for Huahua to water for half a month, but in general, it is better to pour water once a month to 1 month. 4. Breeding can be beheaded, or the side buds can be cut down cuttings. The cuttings of the leaves are also fast ~ at most half a month can germinate!

6 jade butterfly

1. Except for shading at noon in summer, it is best to take full day at other times! 2. The water butterfly watering should generally see dry and wet, but watering in summer must be cautious. Properly extend the length of watering for 5 to 7 days, and watering at night. 3. The location of the jade butterfly must be ventilated, otherwise the high temperature and humidity in summer will easily cause black rot. Just cut the pole as soon as the black rot, don’t hesitate!

(Author: Golden Dadi Hanging Source: Xianzhen Garden Bar)

7 Dahe Jin

1. Yamato Jin is very easy to raise, and watering is more casual. Generally, when the soil is close to or semi -dry, water is poured once, and the soil must not keep the soil moist for a long time. 2. The soil can be configured according to the ratio of peat soil and granular soil. 3. Except for shading at noon in the summer, you can take full sunlight at other times to maintain rosy. 4. When the temperature is 30 degrees in summer, in addition to shading, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation and control watering, and pour water once every half a month to a month.

8 Hongzhiyu

1. The entire growth period should make it full of light. Of course, the scorching sun in the summer must be shaded, otherwise it will cause sun burning. 2. The rainbow jade must be wet and wet. Put it in a toothpick for 2 ~ 3cm before watering. If the toothpick is dry, water it! 3. In addition to shading in summer, we must also maintain good ventilation. 4. Generally, the type of rain planting of the rainbow of the rainbow is scattered. It should be trimmed and controlled in time. At the same time, the branches that are cut can be used for cuttings.

9 Buddha beads

1. The requirements of Buddhist beads are not very high in light, but at least 3 hours of light within a day. It is best to accept the light in the morning and evening in summer, so it is better to put it on the east and west balconies. 2. Keep the soil slightly humid during the growth period, but you can’t accumulate water! 3. Generally watering once a week, the beads are very happy.

(Author: ZXL5 Source: Baidu knows)

10 Ji Qiuli

1. In the summer temperature exceeding 35 degrees, the water must be broken, placed in a cool and ventilated place, and there is a bright place. 2. Except for shade in summer, in other seasons, you must take full day. 3. The soil can be used for peat+river sand, or the river sand can be replaced with other granules. 4. Watering in the growth season should be dried and wet, that is, the soil of 2 ~ 3cm surface is dried through the dryness of the surface. Well, Huahua has been introduced, is your succulent succulent?

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