The breeding method and precautions of apricot trees

Apricot tree fertilizer

When the new branch of the plant grows to about 15 cm is the best suitable for fertilization, it is best to perform underground fertilization and leaves at the same time, so as to maximize the effect of fertilizer. Then, after the apricot tree is stable, watering is watered to keep the soil moist, and an appropriate amount of irrigation according to the water conditions of the soil.

Pruning of apricot trees

Around May and June, trimming work should be carried out, and several branches with better growth angles should be selected for retention. When trimming, the too dense note should be loose to ensure the supply of nutrients.

Precautions for breeding of apricot trees

When planting apricot trees, the selected tree species must be a healthy and strong tree species. In addition, water or mud water should be soaked before planting.

When the apricot tree is terminated, pay attention to the depth of the soil. Do not be too deep or too shallow.

Do not spray water or pesticides with spray guns in the breeding apricot tree, otherwise it will cause drug damage to plants.

The use of organic phosphorus pesticides must not use organic phosphorus pesticides during the growth of apricot trees.

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