The breeding method and precautions of Baolian Lantern

Temperature of Baolian Lantern breeding

Because the Lotus Lantern is a tropical plant, the suitable temperature for the growing growth of Baolian Lantern is relatively high. In particular, in winter, it is necessary to ensure that the growth temperature of Baolian lamp must be about 16 degrees Celsius.

The environment of Baolian Lantern breeding

Baolian Lantern is a plant that likes a humid and cool environment, but it is not resistant to cold. In winter, pay attention to the maintenance of temperature, and pay special attention to the treasure lotus lamp cannot be exposed to exposure.

Soil breeding of Baolian Lantern

The growth soil of Baolian lamp must be fertile, loose rotten leaf soil or peat soil. The good soil environment can be a good growth of Baolian lamp.

Precautions for Bao Lian Lantern breeding

During the blooming period of Baolian Lantern, be sure not to pour too much water, otherwise the phenomenon of falling flowers will appear; when the flower buds of Baolian lamp change the color, place the Lotus lamp in a higher temperature environment. Go, otherwise the phenomenon of falling buds will occur. One of the major points of breeding Baolian Lantern is to urge flowers. Poor Lantern blossoms normally from January to May. You must control the temperature, otherwise the flower buds will not bloom.

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