The breeding method and precautions of beautiful alien kapok

The method of breeding of beautiful alien kapok

Requirements for soil

Beautiful alien kapok’s requirements for soil quality are not strict, but it is necessary to require good drainage and most suitable for planting in a deeper fertile soil or sandy soil with a deeper soil layer.

Requirements for water

Beautiful alien kapok likes high -temperature and humidity environments, so it requires a lot of water support during its growth. This requires that the drainability of soil must be good, otherwise it is easy to rot the roots.

Requirements for fertilizer

If the soil itself is fertile enough, the organic growth rate can be achieved by using organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer fertilizer every 40 days. Only to maintain the growth rate of seedlings.

Precautions for the breeding of beautiful alien kapok

Beautiful alien kapok is a fast -growing tree species. Therefore, when transplanting, each plant is required to be at least 2 meters from each plant. Therefore, it is recommended that each beautiful album cotton uses a whole pot.

There are rare pests in beautiful album cotton.

Beautiful alien kapok will pay attention to its living environment, and its growth speed is fast. If friends who do not breed in the family can try to raise a plant.

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