The breeding method and precautions of husband and wife begonia

How to breed in husband and wife Begonia


The growth of husband and wife Begonia is about between 16 ° C and 25 ° C, not less than 10 ° C in winter, and no higher than 28 ° C in summer; and environment with a large temperature difference between day and night.


Give adequate light, but in the summer, you need to use shading nets to avoid long -term exposure and ensure good ventilation. Otherwise, it will easily cause poor plant growth.


It is advisable to keep the pot soil moist. In the drought, it is necessary to spray water to the leaves in time to increase the humidity of the air and promote the healthy growth of the plant. The air humidity during the growth period is appropriately controlled at about 60%-80%. At the same time, drain water in time, and avoid stagnant water and rain, otherwise it is easy to cause rotten roots. In winter, it is advisable to dry the pot soil. You can spray water at the leaves once a week.


During the growth period, it can be applied once every 10 days, and some phosphorus fertilizers are applied during pregnancy. When fertilizing, pay attention to avoid splashing the fertilizer on the leaves; the flowering period and winter and summer do not need to fertilize.


It is suitable to choose fertile and loose and well -drained sandy loam.

Precautions for the breeding of husband and wife Begonia

Rational trimming

Each spring is carried out in the pelvis and trimming work, cutting off weak branches, overlapping branches, and residual roots. For plants that have been blooming for 2-3 years, they need to be shortened, and only about 6-10 cm of stems are retained to promote new branches.

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