The breeding method and precautions of Qian Bird Flower

A breeding method of thousands of bird flowers

Before referring to the specific breeding method, let’s take a look at the growth habits of Qian Toba! Thousands of bird flowers are native to North America, so its cold resistance is extremely high, and it is a plant with a humid environment with a cool and humid environment. It is suitable for a place with sufficient light.

Fertile soil

Thousands of bird flowers are suitable for grown in dry soil. This is determined by the growth environment. Therefore, in the normal breeding process, keep the soil dry, avoid excessive watering, and avoid waterlogging. When choosing the soil, it is necessary to ensure that the soil is sandy soil with deep fertilizers, and it must have a good drainage function. Do not forget regular fertilization during the breeding process to keep the soil fertile.

Appropriate temperature

The suitable temperature for the germination of thousands of bird flowers is between 13 ° C and 16 ° C, and the suitable growth temperature is between 5 ° C and 25 ° C. Because it is native to North America, the temperature is low, the low temperature resistance of thousands of bird flowers is strong, and the low temperature of -35 ° C can be said to be a good plant.

Sufficient sunlight

The growth of thousands of bird flowers requires sufficient sunlight, so when placing indoor breeding indoor breeding, pay attention to placing thousands of bird flowers in places with sunlight. Failure to the growth of thousands of bird flowers.

Flowing air

The growth environment of Qian Bird flowers requires flowing air. It is best to place it in the indoor farming. It is best to place it in a good and cool environment, such as a balcony. If you place it in the living room or bedroom, you can often open the windows and ventilate to keep the fresh air flow.

Precautions for Thousand Bird Flower Breeding

In the process of breeding thousands of bird flowers, you can mainly grasp the temperature, soil, light, and flowing air. Thousands of bird flowers are dry, so there is no need to water too much, so as to avoid excessive soil moisture caused by hypoxia, but keep the soil moist before germination. If you are worried that soil waterlogging can often drain the soil loose.

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