The breeding method and precautions of shrimp flowers

How to breeding the shrimp flower

Temperature and light

The shrimp clothes are warm, the minimum temperature is about 5-10 ° C, and the suitable growth temperature is between 18-28 ° C. The shrimp clothes are happy, and more shade. If the long -term light is insufficient, the color of the shrimp bracts will become lighter, the aesthetic decreases, and less flowering. Pay attention to proper shading in summer, riot sun exposure. The wintering temperature of shrimp flowers cannot be lower than 16 ° C, and sufficient light is given at the same time.

Water and fertilizer

The shrimp flower likes to be moist, so it is necessary to keep the soil moist frequently. During the growth period, organic liquid fertilizer is applied every 10-15 days, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer are applied reasonably. At the same time, the leaves can be pursued once every week. The amount of watering began in mid -August.


It is suitable to use the sandy loam rich in humus, which can be prepared by the amount of loam, corrupt leaf soil and sand.

Precautions for the breeding of shrimp flowers

During the growth of shrimp clothes, topping and trimming should be tied at any time to promote multiple branches. In addition, some polyzole or short sturgeon should be applied to prevent long -term and control the height of the interval. , Blossom more after autumn. After the shrimp clothes fade, watering should be reduced, and the old branches should be cut off at the same time to promote the continued germination of new branches and then bloom.

The pots of shrimp and flowers are carried out every spring, combined with trimming, usually about 1/3. In order to make the plants full, you can top up multiple times. Before and after the frost, the plant needs to be moved into a well -ventilated light in the room to keep the pot soil moist, and the room temperature must not be lower than 10 ° C.

During the growth period, it is prone to the harm of script insects and red spiders, and pay attention to timely prevention and treatment.

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