The breeding method and precautions of stinky peony

Method of smelly peony


Stinky peony is relatively light. When breeding the stinky peony, it needs to keep the light sufficient. However, the smelly peony can resist shade, pay attention to meet its needs for light.


Smelly peony prefers loose and fertile soil. When breeding the smelly peony, you can choose a more organic matter leaf soil for breeding. Do not fertilize too much peony, just keep enough.


The breeding method of stinky peony is mainly to breed the divisions. In addition, it can also be performed and sowed.

Propagation is generally carried out before autumn and winter and spring. Dig the cute strains on the smelly peony ground, and plant it to maintain it as soon as possible.

The root insertion reproduction is mainly carried out in the rainy season, cutting the root of the plant and inserting it into the soil.

Sowing is mainly carried out in spring.

Precautions for breeding of stinky peony


When breeding the smelly peony, the development of the root system should be controlled during the growth period. And remove the cuteness on the plant.


The common pests of stinky peony are rust and gray mold, and pests are the harm of leaf armor and thorn moth.

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