The breeding method and precautions of the arrow feathers church taro

Breeding method


Arrow Yuburo was originally produced in Brazil and other places. It is a tropical growth plant. It prefers high -temperature and humid environments. The best growth temperature should be maintained at about 25 degrees Celsius. Put it in a cool place in summer, and pay attention to cold prevention in winter.


Arrow feathers have better growth under the radiation light and scattered light. In the summer, if the sun is directly exposed to the sun, it is very easy to cause burns to the leaves. If the leaves are burned, it should be moved immediately and the burns should be removed. Lose.


The most suitable growth humidity of arrows of church taro is about 80%. Appropriate air humidity is conducive to the growth of creatures. Excessive or low air humidity can cause unhealthy leaves to grow. Watering in the growing season of plants, water spraying on the leaves should be performed frequently at high temperatures. The best method of watering is to spray water in the morning, pour soil at noon or in the afternoon, and pour the whole plant at night.

Cultivation matrix (pot soil)

The soil of arrow feathers is fertile, good drainage, and loose, and generally uses humus soil or coarse medium.


The principle of fertilization of arrow feathers: diligent application. It is best to apply fertilizer every two weeks during the peak growth season. The fertilizers are mainly nitrogen fertilizers, and phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer can also be. Nitrogen fertilizer can make the leaves more beautiful for arrow feathers.


Temperature and sunlight

Prevent direct sunlight in summer, pay attention to cold prevention in winter, you can move it to no wind, warm indoor winter.


Be careful not to water too much when watering, otherwise the plant will cause rotten roots or even cause diseases. When the temperature is relatively low, pay attention to the dryness of the soil.


The planting soil of arrow feathers must not appear on the ground.


The fertilization concentration of arrow feathers should not be too large, otherwise the leaves will be burned, and even the entire plant will die. Do not fertilize when the plants stop growing in winter and when the summer is too hot.

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