The breeding method and precautions of the bottle coconut coconut

Method of bottle coconut breeding

Temperature and light

Bottle coconuts like high -temperature and sunshine -sufficient growth environment. In winter, the wintering temperature must not be lower than 10 ° C. The wine bottle coconut grows quickly in a high -temperature and half -yin environment. Avoid direct sunlight. The leaf color will fade or yellow under the scorching sun, and it will produce scorched leaves and dark spots, which seriously reduces the value of ornamental. More yin resistance, the shade of summer and autumn is usually about 60%, and the brighter scattered light should be given in winter and spring.


During the growth period, it is better to water and do not wet, and often keep the pot soil moist. Too dry soil will cause the tip of the leaf to be burnt and reduce the value of ornamental. At the same time, avoid excessive watering, otherwise it is easy to cause leaves to rot the disease, resulting in the occurrence of dark spots, causing the leaves to die yellow or even death. Watering 2-3 times a day in summer, spraying water around the plant is often used to improve the air humidity of the growth environment, promote the growth of the plant, and maintain the leaves of the leaves dark green and shiny. Reduce watering appropriately in winter to facilitate wintering.


During the growth of the wine bottle coconut, we need to take regular topical pursuit, and you can pursue it once a month. At the end of the autumn, potassium fertilizer should be applied to increase the cold resistance of the plant.


The cultivation of soil is suitable to choose a loam or sandy loam rich in humus and drainage and breathable.

Precautions for breeding of wine bottles coconut

The wine bottle coconut grows slowly and is afraid of transplanting. It is suitable to choose a nutritious bag or a well -permeable flower pot when sowing. After planting, it needs to be shaded and moisturized until the growth of the new roots can not be transferred to the normal management of the full sunlight. During the strong growth of summer and autumn, the soil needs to be wet.

Bottle coconuts are prone to red leaf mites in the rainy season, and can be used to use enemy cachines or dichlorvos.

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