The breeding method and precautions of the flame tree

Flame tree breeding method

Temperature and light

The flame tree is a positive plant with heat and drought -resistant, and requires strong light. Its growth temperature is between 23-30 ° C.


The flame tree does not have high requirements for the soil, but in order to ensure that it can grow well after cultivation, it is best to choose a sufficient sunshine. It is suitable to choose loam or sandy loam with deep soil layers and good drainage.


Give sufficient base fertilizer when the flame tree is planted. The demand for fertilizers for flame trees is not high. The principle of diligent application can generally apply 3-5 times a year. However, during the growth and development of the flame tree, fertilizer is needed to promote its growth appropriately. The choice of fertilizer is mainly compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer.

Breeding method

The common breeding methods of flame trees include cuttings, sowing and high -pressure methods, which are generally selected in spring.

Precautions for the breeding of the flame tree

It should be noted that the flame tree flowers requires a higher temperature. Due to the low temperature, the flame trees are not blooming or less due to the low temperature.

In terms of watering, pay attention to replenishing water to the young trees at high temperature and drought.

The weeding and weeding of the flame tree is mainly carried out in May or June, which is conducive to promoting the absorption of nutrients in the root system of the flame tree.

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