The breeding method and precautions of the old grass

The soil of breeding old grass

Lao Gao prefers a warm and humid climate, so the old grass also grows in loose, fertile soil. In addition, natural nutrients must be rich to ensure the full supply of plant nutrition.

The climate of breeding old grass

Lao Gao likes warm and humid climate, which is more cold -resistant and humid. Therefore, when you cultivate old grass, you should pay attention to the plants not to be exposed to sunlight, and place them in a cool and ventilated environment, but also ensure the needs of the plant sun.

Old grass field management

When the old grass just grows out, we must remove the weeds in time and add fertilizer. After the winter to seconds, you must clearly know some of the fierce leaves around the old grass and cultivate the soil to prevent the plants from getting winter.

Precautions for breeding old grass

In the spring and autumn, the old grass must wait for the maturity of his fruits. After the fruit matures, the part of the old grass on the ground or directly connects the entire plant to remove the soil and the magazine of the roots to dry the sun to dry the sun to dry the drying., For use.

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