The breeding method and precautions of Yangshi Fairy

Breeding method

Temperature and light

Yangwu Fairy is a temperate ball root flower. It likes cold climate. It avoids high temperature and humidity. The suitable temperature is about 10-15 ° C. The response of the foreign daffodils to light is not sensitive. The leaf growing period needs to ensure sufficient light, and the flowering period should be semi -yin. If the Yangshuang diversion is insufficient for a long time during the growth period, it is easy to cause the leaves to extend, soften and sag, but this has little effect on flowering.


During the growth of Yangshui Fairy, it is necessary to give enough water, and at the same time, pay attention to avoid stagnant water. After flowering, the waterfront can gradually reduce watering, and it needs to be kept dry during the dormant of its bulbs.


The soil cultivation soil is suitable for the use of organic acid -rich sandy loam rich in organic matter.


During the growth of the sauce fairy, you can pour potassium dihydrogen dihydrogen dilute solution every two worships, or you can apply a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer.


After planting from the ocean beams, the plant should be moved to the semi -shade of about 50%of the sunshine for maintenance, and the soil should be wet. After the leaf buds extended out of the soil surface, it is moved to about 70-80%of the sunshine environment. You can regulate the flowering period of Yang narcissus by regulating different light, humidity and temperature.

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