The breeding method of the leafyeye moon

Leaf insert reproduction

In this way, a relatively healthy and mature cylinder leaf in the lower part of the plant needs to be picked up, inserting the picked tube leaf base into the soil, exposing most of the air in the air, so that the photosynthetic effect can be sufficient, and it can be able to be more sufficient, and it can be able to be more sufficient and can be able to be able to suffer. Faster rooting, the survival rate will increase. It is recommended to use the leaves of other plants to sunsify the leafy -leaf moon to create a astigmatism environment to avoid too much water loss of the leaves and keep the soil without drying, otherwise the root is difficult to grow.


Bonus reproduction

This reproduction method needs to cut off a relatively stout and healthy branch to set aside. We need to remove the following leaves before. When the wound of the branches has shrunk, cuttings can be cut to avoid rotten stems. If the base is rotten, be sure to cut off the rotten part, and then cut it after drying. It is recommended to do it in spring or autumn.


Pressure and high -voltage reproduction

This method uses the method of qi rooting on the soil on the roots of our plants, which can safely breed safely. Especially if a small amount of breeding at home can be used. The specific method is to soak the seedlings in the water for a while, then take it out, cut it out, and wrap the roots with deep -colored plastic bags. Add water. When you replenish water, you can add a little diluted fertilizer. After two or three months, you can cut it if the root system is exposed.


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