The characteristics of Delta Mei

Triangle Mei Yi Yiyu grows fast

When breeding of Delta, most of them adopt cuttings. The survival rate is better and the reproduction is relatively simple. Generally, Bougainvillea will reproduce from March to June, maintaining sufficient water and fertilizer, and it can grow quickly.

There are many triangular plums and rich colors

Although it is colorful, it mainly refers to the colorful bracts of the Bougainvillea. There are many colors in the colorful bracts of the bougainvillea. In addition to the most common purple, there are color, yellow, white, etc. The bracts have single petals and are heavy petals, all of which are very beautiful.

In addition, there are some artificially cultivated varieties. By grafting or even one tree, the value of ornamental is really too high.

The triangular plum period is long and the ornamental is very high

The flowering period of the delta plum is very long. Although the small flowers of Delta plum are not so beautiful, they are also more cute. In addition, it is believed that many people will like to appreciate.

Generally, Bougainvillea can be used as a green plant in the city. Family care is generally viewed by potted plants, which have unique ornamental value.

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