The cultivation method and precautions of the river flowers

Method of Anginean Flower

Temperature and light

Shinanhua likes light, is slightly shade -resistant, cold -resistant, and can resist low temperatures of -15 ° C.


Heine is more humid and often keeps the soil moist, but pay attention to avoid excessive watering, otherwise water accumulation can easily cause the plant to rot at the root of the plant.


Adhere to the principle of Bo Shiqin, fertilize every 15 days in spring, and apply compound fertilizer every 15 days in summer and autumn.


The requirements for the soil are not strict with the soil. It is suitable to choose a fertile and well -drained sand soil for cultivation. Pay attention to poor growth in clay.

Precautions for the cultivation

Pest Control

Heine’s resistance is relatively strong, generally not prone to severe diseases and insect pests.Common halomy, leaf spots and paulse insect harm.The prevention and treatment of gray mold can be sprayed 50%of the Daisen zinc 800 times liquid spray.For leaf spots, you can spray 50%multi-bacterial spirit 300 to 400 times solution or todbadin 300-400 times solution for prevention and treatment.For the harm of the scripts, you can use 200 times liquid to kill the fruit emulsion.

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