The daily flowers of teachers, chefs, car repairmen, etc. are so big!

Chemistry teacher

The chemistry teacher raised flowers so creative! The test tube, bottle, and cone -shaped bottle in the laboratory can not only do experiments. I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful.

Tube farming:

If you want to raise flowers with a test tube, the first question to be determined is how to fix the test tube.

1. Use a test tube frame like the following figure.

2. Weaving a test tube cover for test tube is not only convenient to hang, but also very beautiful.

3. Use the paper shell to stitch the stitching of the stuck into the base, and then insert the test tube.

The specific steps are as follows: (take 16 test tubes as an example)

1) Prepare test tubes, paper shells, scissors.

2) Paper shell into a rectangle of 18*6 cm.

3) Cut on each rectangular paper shell every four or five cm. As shown in the yellow line in the figure.

4) Then insert the paper shell according to the cutting mouth, this base is ready, put the test tube in

The transparent roasted bottle and cone bottle are paired with hydroponic green plants, which are full of greenness ~

Car repairman

Is it very creative?

Packing the abandoned tires together and spraying the paint can be used to raise flowers.

This helmet is also used to raise flowers, it looks pretty good ~

Although the old bicycle can’t ride anymore, it can be used to raise flowers. It looks very retro ~

renovation worker

These are small potted plants made of the remaining PVC tube, which is very chic.

The PVC tube is cut out to make the fleshy flesh, adding its own decoration ~

This is amazing, there are several flowers, colorful and colorful ~

Make such a potted plant on the desk, no one can win you ~


Huahua really admires them, not only a pair of clever hands, but also praise is that they have decayed into a magical creativity.

Simple tutorial:

1. Prepare a broken flower pot or broken slate, cultivating soil, flowers and various decorations to fill the pot with the soil.

2. Put the flower pots in the soil.

3. Put the flower pot fragments or shattered stones in the soil like a ladder.

4. Then plant flowers and put on small accessories according to personal preference.


Can you see what this is done? That’s right, that is, the child’s milk powder can, the sprayer becomes a simple -shaped flower pot.

Simple tutorial:

Prepare the empty milk powder can, drill a few drainage holes at the bottom of its bottom, and then spray the milk powder tank with a good -looking color with spray paint. If you are interested, you can make graffiti by yourself. Then fill in the soil to plant.

Do n’t throw the soil when wearing rain boots at home. You can fill in the soil to plant flowers.

Put the flowers in the glass at home, and put it in the photo frame more charming than the purchased painting ~

The idle light bulbs in the family raised air pineapple instantly to improve the force ~ full of literature and art ~


When the chef is in love with flowers, it is out of control since then, and the eggshell is also used to raise flowers ~

The spoon can also be used to raise flowers, and it looks good ~

Raise the flowers with a high cup, so emotional ~

The casserole also raises flowers? This pot of fleshy is so cute ~

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