The difference between Bai Feng and Bai Fengju

Bai Feng and Bai Fengju Morphology

White Feng is a peppermatophyte plant, a cream of the cream of Skygrass, a frost, and a perennial herb.

Bai Feng is a large polyester, the maximum diameter of the leaves can exceed 20 cm.The foliar is covered with white powder.Spring to autumn leaves green, winter leaves and old leaves are easy to become red.

Bai Feng blossoms very beautiful, the flowers are bell-shaped, the petals is 5 pieces, the color is orange, which is pink, and the flowering period is autumn.

Bai Feng and Bai Fengju’s reproductive way

Bai Feng’s reproductive way has leaf plug and cutting.However, Bai Feng has a low urine, and the insertion is low, and the reproduction is based on cutting.

Bai etchu brevity is mainly based on planting and cutting reproduction.

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