The difference between bauhism and bauhinia


Bauhinia is native to China and is distributed in all parts of my country. It belongs to the belonging to the belonging to the bean family. It is a shrub and is planted in traditional courtyards. Bauhinia is native to southern China, and it is also distributed in India and other areas. It belongs to the belonging to Doukeyun Shi Yakia scorch armor. It is a deciduous tree, which is mostly used as sidewalk trees in South China.

Leaf difference

Bauhinia leaves paper, nearly round or triangular -like circular, oceanine leaf leather, kidney -shaped, sheep hoof -shaped. The left side of the figure below is the bauhinia leaf, and the picture on the right is the bauhinia chip, which is very obvious.

Flower difference

Bauhinia is purple -red or pink, with small flowers, usually clustered on the old branches and the trunk. The younger the tender branches, the less flowers, so it is also called full red. Western bauhinia umbrella -shaped inflorescence or cone inflorescence, the flowers look like orchids and the palms are as large as the palm, the petals are five points, and the color is slightly lighter than the bauhinia. The picture on the left is the bauhinia, and the picture on the right is a bauhinia.

Different medicinal value

Bauhinia bark has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, and swelling; bauhinia has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, removing wind and detoxifying; bauhinia fruit can treat cough, but its seeds are toxic; Species have a good relief effect on indigestion.

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