The difference between Biocheng ring and Dried Sacred apricots

Big ring form

The binary loop is translucent, and it is very cute.And have branches, easy to be born.

The flower is generally white, the fruit is meta, and the seeds 50-150.

Stem, meat mass.Leaf meat, two states, growth period leaf elongate, often do not connect, sleep, hibernation, is a hemispherical, a height of the leaf.

The difference between Birage ring and Dried Sutan

Because the branched apricot seedlings are often called a small rabbit by the flowers, so they are confused as the Burcellar bunny.But the difference between the two is still very obvious!

Bulk ring growth is extremely slow, only one pair of meverry leaves in life, like rabbit ears, and the old plants have a root, and when high temperatures will enter sleep, the leaves are withered, and there is no branches.

Dried apricot leaves pair, like a small rabbit, but these blades are grown on the branches, not as long as the Bulk ring, which is relatively easy to distinguish.

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