The difference between cat eyes and peacocks and peacocks

Different morphology

Cat eye bamboo taro is 100 cm high. Because it looks like an arrow feathers, it is also known as arrow feathers. Cat eye bamboo taro leaves are brown or purple back, the leaves are slender, leaf spots are round, and the leaf margin has wavy undulating. Cat eye bamboo taro -shaped inflorescence, small bract membrane, cracked fruit cracking into 3 petals, seed triangles, flowers are pale yellow. The height of the peacock beacon can reach 60 cm, and the peacocks are wide and shorter, and the spots are slender. The leaves are thin, the petiole is purple, and ovate is oval. On the leaf surface, there is dark green and white or pale yellow feathers, like a pattern on the peacock tail feathers, so it is named. Moreover, the peacocks are stretched during the day and folded at night. This is its unique feature.

Different temperatures

The growing temperature of cat-eyed church taro during the day is 18-21 ° C, and it is advisable to be 16-18 ° C at night. The suitable temperature for growth is 20-30 ° C, and the safety temperature of wintering is 10 ° C. When cultivating peacocks, the temperature should be kept at about 12-29 ° C, and the temperature in winter should be maintained at 16-18 ° C.

Different flower language

Cat’s eyes are tempting. The flower language of peacocks is beautiful, beautiful and proud.

Different values

Both cat’s eyes and peacocks can be used for indoor layout, garden greening and potted leaves. In addition, the root stems of peacocks contain starch and can be edible, which has the effects of diuretic and lung heat.

The difference between the peacock and the cat’s eyes of the cat’s eyes is the above! Flowers make good use of it, cultivate quickly!

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