The difference between changing brocades and deer onions

Different from brocade flowers and deer onion petals

Changing about 1.5 cm in length to change the brocade tube, the whole flower is purple -red, the top is blue, the edge of the petals is not wrinkled, the flowers are cup -shaped, the petals are wide, and the stamens are short.The flowers are purple -red, the edge of the petals is slightly wrinkled, and it looks like a small lily flower.Deer onion is relatively large than changing brocades.The above is a brocade flower, and the bottom is a deer onion.

The difference between changing brocade flowers and deer lush bulb

The brocade flower and deer lush bulb balls are ovate, but the bulb of the brocade flower is obviously smaller than the deer onion. The diameter of the deer lush bulbs is about 5 cm, and the bulb of the brocade is about 3 cm.

Different from brocade flowers and deer onion leaves

Researchers’ anatomy of changing brocades and deer onion plants found that from the side observation found that the leaves of the brocade flower are relatively gentle for deer onions, and the V -shaped angle is relatively small.Change the leaves in the early spring of the brocade, and the deer onion is out of the autumn, which is about 8 cm in autumn, and withered immediately.The picture above is a brocade flower blade, and the picture below is a deer onion blade.

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