The difference between Daxue Su and Xiaoxue Su

The difference between the two

In Dali, Yunnan, these two flowers are domesticated by people through wild plants, so their characteristics are very different and there are great differences.

Xiao Xue Su

Local Yunnan, according to many people, there are 8 types of Xiaoxue Su, and some people say that there are more than 20 types. Anyway, everything is said. In fact, there are indeed many types of these two flowers, so we simply introduce several common types.

Xiaoxue Su can be divided into three types: high, medium, and short according to the height of the plant.

High -varieties are relatively long, and the leaves grow strongly. Usually, it will fall down when it is high. It looks more robust. The momentum of the Chinese variety is much different from the high, the same growing is relatively strong, more than a dozen centimeters shorter than the higher. The dwarf breeds are like ordinary flowers, which can only grow to about 30 cm. It looks very petite, making people feel soft. Xiaoxue Su has a variety of white rods and green rods, and the color is also white and green. The petals are very slender.


In Yunnan, the domestication breeding of Daxuexin has a history of more than a century. Its flowering period is around February each year. Usually, a branch can be opened with several white flowers. The petals are much larger than Xiaoxue Su, and they are relatively wide. They are more mature and mature. Da Snow looks very majestic and gives people a more atmospheric feeling. The planting of Daxue is simple, and it is easier to flowering, and the flowers have a slight aroma.

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