The difference between Dragon Susim and Dragon Blood Tree

Dragon blood tree

Dragon blood trees are also called bleeding trees and plant stars. It is an evergreen plant. Its height usually reaches so high, and the color of the trunk is gray. The top of the dragon blood tree directly grows the leaves. It does not have the so -called petiole, and the leaves usually grow dense and thick. The dragon blood tree can bloom white flowers. This flower also has a certain fragrance. After the flowering period, the round fruit will be knotted, and the fruit is generally yellow. The reason why the dragon blood tree is called is because it cuts through its epidermis, and it will flow out of the blood -colored tree juice, which looks very magical.

Dragon Blood Tree prefers a humid climate. At the same time, it grows in the south with a high temperature, which will grow very strong and energetic. However, the dragon blood tree cannot resist the severe cold. When the temperature is very low in winter, the dragon blood tree will show a pathological state. At this time, it is necessary to ensure the soil environment of the dragon blood tree and appropriately increase the nutrients to help them grow.

Dragon Sushu

The plants of Dragon Suban are not as large as the dragon blood trees. Its size can only reach about 15 cm, usually with beautiful flowers, and the flowering time is relatively long. The breeding of Dragon Subsura is very simple. Like other orchid planting methods, Dragon Subsura is suitable for growing in places where the environment is moist and warm. Its requirements for temperature are not a little bit. In the winter, Dragon Suban will enter the dormant. At this time, you need to pay special attention to the temperature of the surrounding environment to ensure that it is safe to pass the winter.

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