The difference between Fengweilan and Jian Ma

basic introduction

Fengwei orchid is also a perennial grass and green sheet that belongs to the Dalai family. Its stems are short but have branches. The leaves are very sharp -like hard thorns. The leaves are flat and smooth. And there will be many sparse teeth.

Sword Maisa is a kind of evergreen herbal sheet that belongs to the Department of Availability. It belongs to the root -tie plant. The stems of the sword linen are relatively thick and short. The leaves are sword -shaped without petioles. The color of the flower is yellow -green. The plant, the fruit is the fruit.

Differences in distribution areas

Fengweilan is native to eastern North America and southeast, and is now mainly distributed in my country’s Yangtze River Basin.

Jian Ma is native to Mexico, and is now mainly distributed in Guangdong Province, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan Province and other places in China. It also has a small amount of planting in Yunnan, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other regions.

Differences of leaves

The leaves of the phoenix are thick green, with a thin layer of wax layer on the surface, showing a radioactive shape. The shape of the leaves is similar to sword linen. There is no petiole in the leaves of the sword linen. The hardness of the leaves of the phoenix is ​​greater than the hardness of the sword linen, and the length of the leaves of the sword linen is greater than the length of the leaves of the phoenix.

The difference between the growth environment

Swords can tolerate the growth environment of high temperature. The most suitable temperature for growth is 25 degrees Celsius, while Fengweilan can spend winter in the north of the Yellow River.

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