The difference between Fengweilan and Lalan

Differences of plants

The length of the leaves of Fengweilan is about 50 cm, and the leaf width is about 1 cm.The length of Silan’s leaves is between 25 cm and 60 cm, and the leaf width is about 3 cm.The length and width of the leaves of Fengweilan are different from the length and width of the leaves of Silan.

The difference between growth characteristics

Fengweilan prefers warm and humid and sunny places. It has a strong adaptability and has a certain ability to resist pollution. It is produced in North America.EssenceSilan’s cold resistance is relatively strong, and the sun is full of sunlight and good ventilation.Most of our country is planted.

Difference between color

The edge of the Phoenix orchid is purple -red, and part of the top part of the flower is reflected outside.The edges of the flower leaves of Silan are not purple -red, and the flowers are not bent outward.

Other differences

The edge of the leaves of the leaf and the top parts of the leaves does not have a thorns, while the fate of the Lanlan leaves and the tip of the leaf has spines.

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