The difference between fragrant wood and pepper

The fragrance has the effect of purifying air and mosquito repellent, and it is very suitable for pelvic cultivation. The shape of fragrant wood and a plant are very similar, that is, Taiwan pepper.Many merchants in the flower market will use pepper to act as fragrant wood for sale, then how do we distinguish?


Look at the blades, the fragrant wood is an even feather blade, and the relics are mutual.Therefore, the number of vanes of the fragrant wood will always be even, and the leaves of the pepper are odd-numbered blades, and the relics are born.Just look at the single double number of the leaves tail, easily distinguish the fragrant wood and pepper!

Various wooden leaves top

As can be seen from the figure below, the top of the leaf of the fragrant wood is double.

Pepper wood leaf top

As can be seen from the figure, the top of the leaf of pepper is singular.

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