The difference between gold bell flowers and forsythians


The forsythia branches belong to the gathering growth, the branches are straight, and the branches are expanded from the center to the outward, and they are arched, like a small umbrella. The branches are yellow -brown.

The golden bell flowers are straight, and the branches are yellow -green.

Picture showing forsythians

The picture shows Golden Bell Flower

Flower and leaf distinction

The leaves of the forsythia flowers grow directly on the branches, while the flowers are blooming at the leaves and branches; the flowers are golden yellow; the forsythia flowers are generally 3 flowers.

The leaves and flowers of the golden bell flowers are the same as the forsythia leaves and flowers, but the golden bell flowers are not fixedly growing together, sometimes 1 flower, sometimes 2. The color of the flower is yellow -green.

Forsythia leaves are relatively growing, sometimes 3 small leaves are raw, and sometimes single blades are raw.

Golden Bell’s leaves are not like forsythia. There are more. It is a single blade, which is relatively growing. The upper part of its leaves has a rough sawtooth.

There are twice in the forsythia, once in spring, and once in winter.


Both Golden Bell and Forsythia have ornamental and medicinal value. However, the forsythia water preservation function is very strong, and it is defined as an excellent variety in the garden. Golden bell flowers can absorb toxic gases in the air.

Their breeding methods, reproduction methods, and daily care are similar, including preferences, heat resistance, drought resistance, etc. In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish them, just pay attention to observation. For flower friends, it is the same, just don’t call the wrong name when cultivating.

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